About AquaAnalytics®

AquaAnalytics® has established itself as a reliable supplier of analytical, general laboratory equipment, and reagents used for water quality analysis and measurement of other parameters.

For our customers, there is the possibility of ordering almost any equipment on EXW, FCA, DAP and CIP terms. Please, contact our managers in order to discuss the conditions of ordering, payment and collection of goods.

For 15 years of successful operations in the market of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, our company has become an official representative and provides delivery, as well as technical support of products from such manufacturers as: Hach, Kemtrak, Orbisphere, Centec, etc.

AquaAnalytics® cooperates with large companies, enterprises and laboratories. Three offices in different countries (Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan) and high-quality service provided by experienced engineers make modern analytical systems and equipment available for laboratories and enterprises of any scale.