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HACH products are currently not accessible in Russia. This website is maintained solely for showcasing the visibility of Hach products that are procurable in the CIS countries.

World leader and expert in the chemical analysis of water quality. A wide range of instruments, sensors, reagents and methods provide accurate measurement and user friendliness. The manufacturer offers a wide range of spectrophotometers, turbidity meters, pH meters, submersible sensors for continuous monitoring of COD and other water parameters, analyzers for chlorine, dissolved oxygen and much more.

AquaAnalytics® has been the official representative of Hach Lange in the CIS for over 10 years. Our team of service engineers will provide training, commissioning, service and repair of Hach products.

Use the search bar on our website and enter the name, catalog number, type of measurement or the parameter you are interested in. Our warehouse is constantly updated with new items of reagents pre-dosed into cuvettes, LCK test kits, and powder reagents for spectrophotometers.

You can find a complete list of Hach products in our catalog at the link. If you cannot find the item / part number you are interested in, please contact us and we will provide all the necessary information.

Upon request and terms of reference, AquaAnalytics® carries out turnkey projects with piping and full automation of facilities.

Our technical support center is authorized by the manufacturer for warranty, commissioning, service and repair of HACH products in the CIS countries.

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