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We supply laboratory equipment from leading manufacturers: Bandelin, Binder, Buhler, Elma, Fritsch, IKA, Julabo, Kinematica, Lauda, Witeg, CanNeed etc. Including laboratory shakers, water baths, water stills, laboratory mixers, centrifuges, stirrers and mills. We deliver these products throughout Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia. For more information about the supplied laboratory equipment contact us by email indicated on the Contacts page.

BANDELIN (Germany) offers a wide range of powerful ultrasonic systems for cleaning processes and chemical engineering. Ultrasonic homogenizers are successfully used for wastewater sample preparation and soil analysis, cell destruction, emulsification, acceleration of reactions or for the production of emulsions. In the laboratory, high-performance ultrasonic baths are used not only to thoroughly clean laboratory glass, but also to efficiently homogenize samples.

BINDER (Germany) is one of the leading manufacturers of incubator climatic chambers, which are the centerpiece of modern laboratories. Designed to meet the highest demands in scientific and industrial fields, they enable accurate modeling of biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions.

ELMA (Germany) is a manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment for cleaning, homogenization, degassing and emulsification. The systems are optimized for typical laboratory tasks and are suitable for achieving reproducible results.

LAUDA (Germany) is a market leader in laboratory flow coolers, recirculation coolers, process thermostats, additional circulation cooling systems, as well as other innovative thermostatic equipment and systems for research, production and quality control.

KINEMATICA (Switzerland) multifunctional dispersing and homogenizing equipment for continuous and recirculating processing in production. Simple handling, high user safety and efficiency are just a few of the advantages offered by these systems.

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