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Care and Repair

AquaAnalytics® company provides not only the supply of laboratory and analytical equipment, but also provides information, technical support, as well as service and training of partner companies. Our technicians are constantly raising the level of professional knowledge at trainings conducted by our foreign manufacturing partners.

AquaAnalytics® engineers will provide advice and service according to your request, even if you purchased equipment from another supplier

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The AquaAnalytics® service team offers:

  • Commissioning - our commissioning service ensures that your system is calibrated, provides accurate data, and that you are trained to keep your new system running smoothly.
  • Calibration / Certification - we verify that the instrument is operating according to factory specifications and provide the required documentation.
  • Repair - the team of qualified AquaAnalytics® technicians have the knowledge, tools and spare parts to fix your equipment in no time.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Consultations of technical specialists by phone, on-line by e-mail, or you can leave a request for an engineer to visit your factory.