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SAATI specializes in the production of various types of technical fabrics, meshes and finished products that are widely used in industrial filtration. The finished products are suitable for horizontal vacuum filters, centrifuges, drum filters and filter presses of various models. All materials provide effective filtration of liquids and gases in various industries:

  • Monofilament meshes: These meshes are made from a single continuous filament, providing high strength and stability. They are often used in harsh filtration conditions such as high temperatures and aggressive chemical environments.
  • Multifilament meshes: These meshes are created from multiple filaments, giving them good flexibility and flow rates. They are suitable for various types of filtration, including fine filtration of liquids.
  • Fabrics with various microstructures: SAATI can produce fabrics with different microstructures to achieve specific particle retention levels for different particle sizes. This allows customization of the material for specific filtration requirements.

SAATI can provide a variety of materials depending on the customer's specific needs and operating conditions. Contact us for detailed information on specific products and their applications in industrial filtration.

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