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The Canadian company LuminUltra, a microbiological monitoring specialist, offers innovative analytical solutions that quickly provide accurate results using convenient measuring instruments, ATP tests and reagents. The company also has solutions for analyzing the presence of COVID-19 in wastewater.

For more than 25 years, LuminUltra has worked with a large network of partners and customers around the world, from small factories to the largest companies from Fortune 500. Customers in more than 80 countries trust technology and the reliability of the microbiological solutions provided by LuminUltra.

The experts at LuminUltra are aware of the risks and challenges associated with the presence of microorganisms in the oil and gas, food and municipal industries. With the help of rapid microbiological test kits, instrumentation and analytical software applications, the company evaluates the quality of drinking water, waste water, ballast and process water:

  • Legionella - protect industrial cooling systems with LuminUltra's portable fast on-site testing solutions.
  • Process water from industrial plants - quickly detect and fix microbial contamination problems. Optimize biocide efficiency and fix problems before they occur.
  • Wastewater - manage the risks in the treatment process: detecting toxic influent and it's impact.
  • Microbiological corrosion - Prevent biocorrosion, oxidation and biofouling to reduce equipment wear.
  • Marine industry - gain insight into the microbiology of your system, as well as the risks of contamination, corrosion and possible disruptions.
  • Biocide control - analyze your process in just five minutes.

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