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  • Ultra-low power UV analyzer
  • High efficiency UV LED
  • Dual wavelength optical design - no drift
  • The measuring cell is maintenance-free
  • Easy change of light source and wavelength



Kemtrak is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic instrumentation and process automation products. Kemtrak offers customized solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of industries including chemical, petrochemical, biotech, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper, municipal and environmental.

The Kemtrak DCP007-UV Process Analyzer is a high-performance fiber-optic photometer for real-time, high-resolution measurement of concentration of substances in solutions.

Direct concentration measurements with a Kemtrak process photometer

acetone calcium carbonate copper ozone
alcohol chlorine hypochlorite phosgene
benzene chlorine dioxide iodine sodium hydroxide
bromine chromium nickel sodium hypochlorite
cadmium cobalt oil sulfur dioxide

Unlike traditional UV analyzers with mercury lamps as the light source, the DCP007-UV analyzer uses a LED with a specific wavelength. Mercury lamps quickly deplete over time, simultaneously destroying the bandpass filters used to expose the light spectrum. This leads to drift and constant need for maintenance.

In addition, devices with mercury lamps constantly expose the process stream to high-intensity heat and a wide spectrum of UV radiation, which can lead to product spoilage and the formation of potentially hazardous degradation products. The Kemtrak DCP007-UV industrial photometer emits ultra-low power cold light, exposing the sample to the exact wavelength required for measurement. Kemtrak DCP007-UV analyzers provide safe drift-free operation, increasing productivity and process quality.

Mercury lamps have a distinct set of wavelength peaks, mostly in the UV range. These peaks limit measurements at specific wavelengths. The Kemtrak DCP007-UV photometer can be configured for measurements in the range from 190 to 1050 nm.

The DCP007-UV analyzer uses a patented dual wavelength measurement technology to measure optical density up to 5 AU at 1 cm path length. Optionally changing the path length to extend the measurement range.

The measuring cells are custom made and do not contain electronics or moving parts. Well suited for installation in both normal and hazardous areas. Withstand temperatures up to 275 ° C. Standard measuring cells are made of 316L stainless steel (EN 1.4435 or EN 1.4404); optionally, on request, it is possible to manufacture titanium Gr 2, Hastelloy C-276 & C-22, Monel 400 & PTFE C25 (TFMC, Teflon® with carbon filling), PPSU - polyphenylsulfone.

Standard features include remote zeroing and signal filtering. The interface allows you to remotely control, calibrate, verify and track data using a standard web browser.

The Kemtrak DCP007 UV analyzer system consists of three components:

  • Control box: contains all electronics including light source and detectors.
  • Measuring cell: reliable in-line connection with the process / production line. Sapphire cell windows are scratch resistant.
  • Fiber optic: An industrial grade fiber optic node connects the control unit to the flow measuring cell. Transmits cold light to and from the measuring cell.


Application areaWastewater, Food production, Drinking water, Brewing, Treatment facilities, Oil and gas, Beverages, Dairy industry, Process control
IndustryPower generation, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Municipal
ParametersBromine, Alcohol, Ozone, Nickel, Petroleum products in water, Copper, Cobalt, Cadmium, Iodine, Iron, Chlorine dioxide, Chromium, Chlorine, Sulphur dioxide, Hypochlorite, Calcium carbonate, Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium hydroxide, Phosgene, Oil, Acetone, Hexane
Measurement Range0.000 - 5AU at 500 nm
Wavelength range250 - 1050 nm
Power supply100 - 240 V
Measurement Range (2)0.000 - 4.5AU at 280 nm
Light sourceLED
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