Chromium, total, Reagent Set, PP, 0,01 - 0,70 mg/L Cr


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Packaged reagents Powder Pillows for determination of Chromium, total. Measurement range 0,01 - 0,70 mg/L Cr. The number of tests per package is 100 pieces.



Reagent Set Powder Pillows reagents (2242500) for the determination of Chromium, total from Hach.

Application: For water and wastewater.

The reagents are hermetically sealed in foil sachets, which provides them with a long shelf life. The reagent is simply poured into the measuring cuvette along with the sample. The analysis is carried out visually, for example using a color disc or with a HACH LANGE photometer.

Parameter: Chromium, total.

Set contains: Acid Powder Pillows (212699), ChromaVer 3 Powder Pillows (1206699), Chrom 1 Powder Pillows (204399), Chrom 2 Powder Pillows (204499).

Summary of method: Trivalent chromium in the sample is oxidized to the hexavalent form by hypobromite ion under alkaline conditions. The sample is acidified. The total chromium content is determined by the 1,5-Diphenylcarbohydrazide method. Determine trivalent chromium by subtracting the results of a separate hexavalent chromium test from the results of the total chromium test. The measurement wavelength is 540 nm for spectrophotometers or 560 nm for colorimeters.



Application areaEnvironmental monitoring, Test kits, Wastewater, Reagents, Food production, Drinking water, Process control
TypePowder pillows
IndustryEcology, Pulp and paper, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Power generation, Transport, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Municipal
Measurement Range0,01 - 0,70 mg/L Cr
CompatibilityDR6000, DR1900, DR900, DR3900, DR5000, DR2800, DR3800
MethodAlkaline Hypobromite Oxidation
Number of tests100
Quality control1425610


Chromium, Total, Alkaline Hypobromite Oxidation Method 8024, Powder Pillows
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