Hach AS950 Automatic Portable Sampler

portativnyy-avtomaticheskiy-probootbornik-hach.jpgportable water samplerПортативний пробовідбірник для застосування в люкахAutomatic water sampler


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A portable sampler with an AS950 controller, available in a variety of configurations and with several factory-installed options. Includes portable base, 12 volt battery, variable sample bottle (s), PVC sampling tubing (25 ft = 7.62 meters) and PTFE / stainless steel filter. Contact us for more information and selection of the required configuration.



Automatic water sampler Hach Lange AS950

The AS950 is designed for indoor or outdoor use. When operating in the specified temperature range, an additional protective cover is not required. The autosampler consists of three main sections - a top cover, a central control system (controller), and a base with containers held together by stainless steel latches that serve as a connection point for an additional suspension strap. A lockable top cover protects the controller from inclement weather and unauthorized use.

The Hach AS950 Autosampler Bases are available in three sizes:

  • Compact, for smaller, maintenance hole sampling.
  • Standard, for the majority of applications.
  • Large, for high capacity bottle composite sampling.

dimentions of hach autosampler

The lightweight design of the AS950 Portable Sampler, low power consumption and portability make it ideal for field applications including storm water, environmental or industrial pretreatment.

The AS950 controller is equipped with standard memory and USB connectivity, allowing all data to be logged and transferred via a USB stick, so there is no need for a laptop when working in the field. In addition, the large color display and intuitive programming make remote sampling virtually error-free.

For storm water sampling, the AS950 handheld sampler allows you to run up to two different programs based on user-defined conditions such as rainfall or pH thresholds. The AS950 can be optionally programmed to collect samples of various sizes, collect samples at user-defined time intervals, or collect samples throughout the entire run-off event as determined by a rain or flow sensor.

An AS950 autosampler with a non-contact liquid detector is available to monitor industrial water pretreatment processes, preventing cross-contamination of samples without further cumbersome cleaning procedures. A clean sample can be obtained quickly by replacing the pump tubing, which does not require tools. A pH sensor can also be added to initiate a sampling program if the thresholds are exceeded.

General Specifications of the AS950 Sampler

Contact us for detailed information.

  • Sampler housing: Impact resistant ABS plastic, 3-section construction Double-walled base with 1 in. (2.54 cm) insulation, direct ice contact with bottles
  • Temperature: operating 0 - 49 °С; LCD display operation: -10 - 70 °С; storage: -40 - 60 °С
  • Power supply: 12V supplied optionally with a mains adapter or a rechargeable battery. Average current during pump operation 2.25 A.
  • Weight: Standard base 15 kg with 24 PET bottles or 14.8 kg with one 10 L bottle; Compact base 12.2 kg with 24 bottles of 575 ml or 12.9 kg with one plastic bottle of 10 L; Large base 15 kg with one 21 liter PET bottle.
  • Dimensions (W×D×H): Standard base - 50.5 x 68.4 cm; Compact base - 44.1 x 61 cm; Large base - 50.28 x 79.75 cm;


Application areaEnvironmental monitoring, Wastewater, Treatment facilities, Equipment for water utilities, Water supply
IndustryEcology, Municipal
Operating temperature range0 - 49 °C
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