AS950 R Refrigerated Samplers

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The AS950 Sampler is optimized for indoor use. Ideal for applications where temperature control is required to preserve samples.

Each AS950 is equipped with a peristaltic pump with spring loaded rollers and a standard liquid detection sensor to ensure accurate sample volume. In addition, a USB connection and an auxiliary port for pulse or 4-20 inputs are included as standard.



Automatic Sampler for water Hach AS950 R

ASR.CXXX1X21XX - controller AS950 on a vinyl refrigerated base 115 V; bottle set: 1 x 10L polyethylene bottle with lid, extension tube, composite tube support and full bottle shut-off; vinyl intake tube 7 m; mesh filter.

ASR.CXXX2X11XX - AS950 controller on a vinyl refrigerated base 230 V; bottle set: 1 x 20L polyethylene bottle with cap, extension tube, composite tube support and full bottle shut-off; vinyl intake tube 7 m; mesh filter.

ASR.CXXX1X11XX - controller AS950 on a vinyl refrigerated base 115 V; bottle set: 1 x 20L polyethylene bottle with cap, extension tube, composite tube support and full bottle shut-off; vinyl intake tube 7 m; mesh filter.

Options include sensor ports for an integrated Hach water quality, level or flow sensor, a MODBUS RS485 communication port or rain sensor, and an alternative non-contact liquid detection sensor. Inputs and outputs can be expanded with IO9001 for a single high voltage relay or IO9004 for a comprehensive set of analog and digital outputs and relays. The autosampler base is available in two finishes: black vinyl or stainless steel (upon request).

The AS950 refrigerated sampler is designed for indoor or outdoor use. For outdoor use, an additional protective housing is required. Drain the sampling line and prevent cross-contamination between samples. To extend pump tubing life and optimize overall sampler performance, mount the device as close to the sample source as conditions permit. The sampler should be installed so that the inlet tube slopes downward towards the sample, i.e. directly above the source from which the sample is taken.

Note: The sampler is not intended for use in hazardous areas where flammable media and materials may be present.

Water sampling with Hach AS950

Programs: the ability to run up to 2 programs sequentially, in parallel or according to the schedule of the day of the week; allowing one device to work like several.

Sampling modes:

  • Sampling rate: Time weighted, Flow weighted, Time table, Flow table, Event.
  • Distribution: Single bottle composite, multi-bottle composite, multi-bottle discrete, bottles per sample, samples per bottle or a combination of bottles per sample and samples per bottle.

Status messages: informs which program is running, if there are any missing samples, when the next sample will be taken, how many samples are left, the number of registered channels, the time of the last measurement, the available memory, the number of active channels, whether alarms were triggered when alarms, active sensors and chamber temperature have been triggered.

Alarm Indication: Configurable alarms that are displayed on the status screen and recorded in diagnostic alarm logs. Alarms can be set for system diagnostics and logging: end of program, end of sample, missed samples and full bottle. Channel alarms are setpoint alarms for recorded measurements (channels) such as pH, level, and power supply voltage.

Manual sampling: Initiates a sample collection independent of program in progress.

Automatic shutdown

  • Multi-bottle mode: After complete revolution of distributor arm (unless Continuous Mode is selected).
  • Composite mode: after a predetermined number of samples have been delivered to a composite container, from 1 to 999 samples, or after the container is full.

Sample volume: programmable in 10 ml steps from 10 to 10,000 ml.

Sampling interval: Selectable in single increments from 1 to 9999 flow pulses or 1 to 9999 minutes in one minute increments.

Sampling Control: When equipped with a flow sensor or pH / temperature sensor, sampling can be triggered when conditions are violated when user-selected limits are exceeded.

Data registration:

  • HISTORY - Stores up to 4000 records with date and time of sampling, container / bottle number and sample status (success, bottle full, rinse error, user interrupt, dispenser error, pump failure, purge failure, time out, power failure and low charge of the main battery).
  • MEASUREMENTS - storage of up to 325,000 records for the selected measurement channels in accordance with the selected data logging interval.
  • EVENTS - Ability to store up to 2000 entries in the Sampling History log: power on, power failure, firmware update, pump failure, valve lever error, low battery, low main battery, user registration, program started, program resumed, program stopped , program ended, sample being taken, tube needs to be replaced, sensor communication errors, cooling failure, heating failure.


Application areaEnvironmental monitoring, Wastewater, Treatment facilities, Equipment for water utilities, Water supply
IndustryEcology, Municipal
Operating temperature range0 - 50 °C
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