LCK410 Free Chlorine cuvette test, 0,05 - 2,0 mg/L Cl2



Manufacturer: Hach

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Reagent kit for the determination of free chlorine.
Measuring range 0.05 - 2.0 mg / l Cl2 and 0.09 - 3.8 mg / l ClO2
Number of tests per package - 24 (kit includes zero reagent).
Storage temperature: 2 - 8 ° C (35 - 46 ° F)



Cuvette test LCK410 for determination of free chlorine and chlorine dioxide from the manufacturer Hach. The reagent kit is suitable for use with the DR series spectrophotometer. According to standard: ISO 7393-1-2-1985, DIN 38408 G4-2

Application: For drinking water and pool water.

Parameter: Free chlorine, chlorine dioxide.

Method description: Oxidants react with diethyl p-phenylenediamine (DPD) to form a red dye.

pH / Temperature: The pH of the water sample must be between 3 and 10. The temperature of the water sample and reagents must be between 15–25 ° C (59–77 ° F).

Note: Analysis must be performed immediately after sampling. Do not pipet water samples as this can lead to losses during stripping.



Application areaTest kits, Reagents, Food production, Drinking water, Brewing, Beverages
TypeCuvette tests 13 mm
IndustryEcology, Pulp and paper, Power generation, Transport, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Municipal
ParametersChlorine dioxide, Chlorine free
Measurement Range0,05 - 2,0 mg/L Cl2
CompatibilityDR6000, DR1900, DR3900, DR5000, DR2800, DR3800
Compliance with the standardDIN 38408 G4-2, ISO 7393-1-2-1985
Number of tests24 (test includes zero solution)
Measurement Range (2)0.09 – 3.8 mg/L ClO2
Quality controlLCA310


Working procedure: LCK410 Chlorine free/Chlorine dioxide
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