LCK329 Copper cuvette test 0,1 - 8,0 mg/L Cu



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Hach Copper reagent kit.
Measurement range 0,1 - 8,0 mg / L Cu.
The number of tests in a package is 25 pieces.



A set of reagents for the determination of Copper from Hach. Used for drinking water analysis and wastewater monitoring. The LCK329 cuvette test is easy to use and photometric assessment, packed in a box with instructions.

Summary of method: Copper(I) ions form an orange-colored complex with the disodium salt of bathocuproine disulphonic acid. Any copper(II) ions present in the water sample are reduced to copper(I) ions by ascorbic acid before the complex is formed.

Special Notes: Use CRACK SET LCW902 to split common copper.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% safety for users at every stage of the analysis process
  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
  • Fully automatic photometry
  • Extremely accurate and reliable measurement values


Application areaTest kits, Wastewater, Reagents, Food production, Drinking water, Brewing, Beverages, Process control
TypeCuvette tests 13 mm
IndustryEcology, Pulp and paper, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Power generation, Transport, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Municipal
Measurement Range0,1 - 8,0 mg/L Cu
CompatibilityDR6000, DR1900, DR3900, DR5000, DR2800, DR3800
MethodBathocuproine Disulphonic Acid
Number of tests25
Quality controlLCA701


Working procedure: LCK329 Copper
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