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Sulphuric acid standard solution, 0,020 N, 1 L


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Manufacturer: Hach

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Sulphuric acid standard solution, concentration 0,035 N.

1 L bottle.

Formula: H2SO4 0,02 N
Measuring range: 0 - 10 meq/L / 0 - 5000 mg/L CaCO



The use of standard solutions can provide control of the laboratory process, increase confidence, and help provide a clear demonstration of performance to various inspectors, regulatory agencies and clients. One-parameter analysis can be performed on different analyzed samples and concentrations to confirm accuracy.

Sulfuric acid standard solution (20353) from Hach for one-parameter analysis. Used for alkalinity determination by buret titration. For water, wastewater and seawater.

Summary of method: A phenolphthalein indicator is added to the sample. Then, the sample is titrated with a sulfuric acid solution. The phenolphthalein indicator changes color at the endpoint pH of 8.3. This value indicates the phenolphthalein (P) alkalinity and is a measure of the total hydroxide and one-half of the carbonate in the sample. A bromcresol green-methyl red indicator is added and the titration continues to the second endpoint at a pH between 4.3 and 4.9. This value indicates the total (T) alkalinity and is a measure of all carbonate, bicarbonate and hydroxide in the sample. The endpoint pH is determined with color indicators or with a pH meter.

Parameter: Alkalinity

Platform: Solution

Quantity: 1 L



Application areaWastewater, Drinking water, Laboratory analysis, Process control
TypeStandard solutions - one-parameter analysis
IndustryPulp and paper, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Power generation, Transport, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Municipal
Measurement Range0 - 10 meq/L
Concentration0.020 N
Quantity1 L


Alkalinity, Buret Titration Method 8221
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