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Pasteurization monitor PU-1000 is designed to assess the effect of the pasteurization process on the persistence and taste of finished products, for example, in the production of beer and soft drinks. It is also applicable to control temperature changes in cold rooms, refrigerated sections and other industrial premises.


  • Supports WINDOWS 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, WIN 7, WIN 8, WIN 10 operating systems
  • Data transfer from pasteurization monitor to PC
  • Graphical display of temperature and pasteurization curves



PU-1000 consists of two temperature sensors and a measuring microprocessor.

One temperature sensor instantly detects the temperature of the drink in the bottle and can, the second sensor detects the temperature of the hot water falling on the bottle and can in the pasteurization tunnel.

The length of the temperature sensor is designed in a special way so that the lower level of the measurement of the temperature of the drink in the bottle is located in the place where the heating occurs most slowly, i.e. at a height of 10-30 mm from the bottom of the bottle or can.

The accumulation of data on the measured temperature takes place thanks to the microprocessor with which the device is equipped.

After completing the measurements, the data can be transferred to a personal computer (PC) via an RS232 or USB cable. In the PC, the obtained data is processed, analyzed and displayed on the PC monitor in the form of summary tables and graphs. The temperature recording mode is switched on and off when the magnetic key is inserted into the guides on the side wall of the recording unit of the pasteurization monitor.

The PU-1000 is powered by a battery that has a service life of about 2 years. In a discharged state, you can easily replace the battery with a new one.

Functions of the pasteurization monitor - thermograph PU-1000

  • Graphical representation of a curve reflecting the rate of death of microorganisms
  • Calculation of the total number of pasteurization units
  • Calculation of instantaneous values of the total death of microorganisms
  • Calculation of the instantaneous value of the total relative reduction in the number of microorganisms
  • Determination of the degree of beer damage by pasteurization
  • Tabular presentation of measured values
  • Printout of temperature curve, pasteurization curve and table values on a printer
  • Measurement results on the computer disk

Technical characteristics of the pasteurization monitor - thermograph 

  • Measurement range: 0 - 1000 pasteurization units, -15 - 70 ° C
  • Accuracy: 0.5 pasteurization units, ± 0.1 ° C
  • Speed of calculation of pasteurization unit: 1 Unit of paste/min, at +600 С
  • Temperature measurement period: 10 sec.
  • Maximum recording time of actual temperatures at a measurement frequency of 10 seconds: 15 hours
  • Power supply: 3.6V battery


Application areaBrewing, Beverages
IndustryFood and Beverage
Measurement Range0 - 1000 pasteurization units
Accuracy0,5 pasteurization units
Measurement Range (2)-15 - 70 °C

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