SC4500 Digital Controller

Technology is advancing rapidly, bringing new levels of convenience, precision and efficiency. That's why Hach's SC4500 controller is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current system, allowing you to upgrade your test equipment as your plant evolves without having to replace the entire system. With a wide range of analog and digital connectivity and the availability of smart instrumentation and data management functions, the SC4500 optimizes process control to the maximum.

Easy Integration

The modern touch screen, the ability to use your existing Hach probes, sensors and analyzers, and the same dimensions as the SC200 make installation and integration of the SC4500 seamless.

No Downtime

The SC4500's built-in predictive diagnostic software ensures reliable measurements and reduces the risk of unexpected equipment downtime with proactive, step-by-step maintenance scheduling capabilities.

All Kinds of Connection Options

The controller provides local communication with SCADA or PLCs, and remote access via a secure cloud connection for integration with Claros, Hach's Water Intelligence system, which allows you to easily connect and control instruments, data and processes anywhere, anytime. The SC4500 digital controller gives you flexibility, providing connectivity options from analog and advanced digital protocols to Wi-Fi, cellular or local area network.

AquaAnalytics®💧 is the official representative of Hach in Russia and the CIS countries. Contact us and our specialists will select a process controller with a connection and installation option that suits the capabilities of your enterprise.

Representative office in Russia: +7 (495) 201-53-02

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