ATP surface tests for monitoring the cleanliness of equipment in food factories

3M Surface ATP Test UXL100 are rapid tests to check the effectiveness of equipment cleaning. These tests are designed to be used with the 3M Clean Trace Luminometer. The tests are easy to use and do not require special training. They are often referred to as swab tests. Suitable for maintaining the company's HACCP system.

You can learn more about and order ATP tests of 3M surfaces at the link.

The principle of operation of the tests: determination of the content of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) on the surface of the equipment after CIP cleaning. The higher the value, the more contaminated the sample.

Scope of application: control of cleanliness of equipment at food enterprises (brewing, production of soft drinks, dairy production).

Surface ATP analysis is a highly effective cleaning verification method because it provides fast, accurate, and convenient quantitative information that confirms that cleaning procedures are working. The ATP test also detects food residues, which is very important because if they are not removed from the surface, they can leave behind nutrients that promote the growth of microorganisms.

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