Nitrogen, total, TNT, 10 - 150 mg/L N


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Nitrogen, total TNT reagent kit. Measuring range 10 - 150 mg/L N. The number of tests in a package is 25 - 50 pieces.



Cuvette tests TNT 2714100 for the determination of Nitrogen, total from Hach.

Аpplication: For water and wastewater.

Cuvette test (Ø 16 mm) completely equipped with all reagents, optimised for reliable measuring results and easy handling. Sealed ampoules of 16 mm contain everything you need for mixing and measuring. The package contains all the necessary reagents and ampoules.

Parameter: Nitrogen, total.

Special remarks: Set consists of 2 cartons: 27140-45 and 26721-45.

27140-45 = TN Hydroxyde reagent solution (2714045), Persulfate Powder Pillows (2671846); 26721-45 = TN Acid reagent C solution (2672145), Bisulfitreagent A Powder Pillows (2671946), Indicator reagent B Powder Pillows (2672046)

16 mm TNT products can be evaluated on DR900 only.

Summary of method: An alkaline persulfate digestion converts all forms of nitrogen to nitrate. Sodium metabisulfite is added after the digestion to eliminate halogen oxide interferences. Nitrate then reacts with chromotropic acid under strongly acidic conditions to form a yellow complex. The measurement wavelength is 410 nm for spectrophotometers or 420 nm for colorimeters.



Application areaTest kits, Wastewater, Reagents, Food production, Drinking water
TypeCuvette test 16 mm
IndustryEcology, Pulp and paper, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Power generation, Transport, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Municipal
ParametersNitrogen total
Measurement Range10 - 150 mg/L N
MethodPersulfate Oxidation
Number of tests25 - 50
Quality control15349, 2406549


Nitrogen, Total, Persulfate Digestion HR Method 10072, Test 'N Tube Vials
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