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Filling Solution, Reference, 3 M KCl, 50 mL


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Manufacturer: Hach

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Filling solution for electrode reference element.

Potassium Chloride (KCl), 3 M.

50 mL bottle.



Reference solution for filling the electrode (2756559), potassium chloride (KCl) from Hach.

These solutions are designed to improve performance and extend electrode life, and some refill solutions are specifically designed for use with ion selective electrodes and other specialized instruments.

Filling the pH electrode with electrolyte: Refer to the specific pH electrode manual to determine the correct electrode filling solution to use. Remove the filling hole plug, and fill the pH electrode with electrolyte to just below the refill hole. Leave a small amount of space below the refill hole to help minimize electrolyte leakage and build up of KCl crystallization at the filling hole. Replace the filling hole plug (or leave open if next step is to take a measurement). 

Formula: KCl 3M.

Bottle volume: 50 ml.



Application areaWastewater, Drinking water, Process control
TypeFilling solution
IndustryEcology, Pulp and paper, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Power generation, Transport, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Municipal
Quantity50 mL
FormulaKCl 3 M
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