Bucket 10-15L, 316L stainless steel


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Manufacturer: Sampling Systems

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The buckets are ideal for use in all areas of industry, even in medical practice. Thanks to stainless steel and excellent chemical resistance, the buckets are reliable and suitable for use in aggressive environments. Thanks to the polished surface, the buckets can be easily cleaned before and after use.

Available in volumes of 10, 12, 15 liters with and without lid.




The buckets are made of high quality 316L stainless steel.


They are ideal for almost all applications, including medical practice.


The buckets come with a sturdy rotary handle as standard, which makes it easy to carry.

When ordering the position you need, specify its part number in the comment.

Part No. Description Diameter mm High, mm
A586-10 10 Litre Bucket 300 233
A586-12 12 Litre Bucket 307 262
A586-15 15 Litre Bucket 330 305
A586-10L 10 Litre Bucket Lids 300 -
A586-12L 12 Litre Bucket Lids 310 -
A586-15L 15 Litre Bucket Lids 330 -
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